Wound and Burn Center

Our Department

Our hospital wound and burn treatment center hospital campus is established in a separate area with over helipad built on, and has a total of 7,500 m2 closed area, 20 service and six intensive care beds it is one of Turkey’s best-equipped wounds and burns centers. Our wound and burn treatment center provides 24-hour uninterrupted service. We also have a physiotherapy unit within our center, where our 5 physiotherapists and 1 physiotherapist who only deal with burns work actively.

Our Care

Our physicians working in the center are from the branches of General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Pediatric Surgery, and our burn intensive care treatments are carried out by our Anesthesia and Reanimation specialists. In our burn center, we have 2 operating rooms and 3 washing areas, one of which is in intensive care. Post-discharge controls of the patients are done in our burn outpatient clinic, and we have a dressing room in addition to the polyclinic. There are closed and windowed visitor booths where the patient’s relatives can monitor and follow their patients in the burn center, and they can also make phone calls with their patients if they wish. Our emergency burn outpatient clinic is located right at the entrance of our center, where emergency patients are welcomed and the first washing and dressing are done.

Our way of working

In our center, we also have a wound polyclinic in which wound care follow-up and treatment of wound patients are performed by plastic surgery physicians. A second wound outpatient clinic is carried out by our Hyperbaric and Underwater physicians in our center, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is applied in a multi-person pressure room in cases that are indicated by these physicians. In addition, our wound and burn center is hosting our weekly meeting of chronic wound council. Physicians from Infection, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Hyperbaric and Underwater, Internal Medicine and Endocrinology branches attend our chronic wound council, and the wound nurse is also present at the council.