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A burn is a very serious condition that can cause damage to the body, depending on its degree, and can cause shocking pain and emotional trauma to the person. It is very important to intervene as soon as possible and apply the right first aid to the burn that may occur due to different reasons. It can be said that the more successful the first aid, the less damage to the skin and the less life-threatening.

What is a Burn?

Burn Degrees

burns; depending on how much it penetrates the skin surface in terms of depth and severity; classified as first, second, or third-degree burns.

First degree (superficial) burns

First degree burns; it only affects the epidermis layer, which is the outermost layer of the skin. The physical appearance of the burn is red, dry and without blisters. Mild pain may be felt in the burn area. Sunburn is an example of first-degree burns. Long-term tissue damage is very rare in this type of burn, and a slight change in skin color is usually observed.

Second degree burns

In cases of second-degree burns that affect the epidermis as well as the dermis, the physical appearance of the burn may be red, white, blistered, mottled, and swollen. In this type of burn, moderate pain can be felt.

Third degree burns

Third-degree burns, in addition to destroying the epidermis and dermis, penetrate deep into the fat layer of the skin and can cause permanent damage to bones, muscles and tendons. In addition, brown, black, or white patches may appear at the burn site. Loss of sensation is observed in the area as the nerve endings are destroyed. These types of burns require an intensive treatment and rehabilitation process.

Our way of working

In our hospitals, we also have a wound polyclinic in which wound care follow-up and treatment of wound patients are performed by plastic surgery physicians. A second wound outpatient clinic is carried out by our Hyperbaric and Underwater physicians in our center, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy is applied in a multi-person pressure room in cases that are indicated by these physicians. In addition, our wound and burn center is hosting our weekly meeting of chronic wound council. Physicians from Infection, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Hyperbaric and Underwater, Internal Medicine and Endocrinology branches attend our chronic wound council, and the wound nurse is also present at the council.

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