In Tomotherapy, which is an advanced technology product, cancer cells are targeted with the “point shot” technique, and special “personalized” radiation treatments are applied for each patient.

Tomotherapy Device is a system inspired by a Computerized Tomography system, and designed by placing Linear Accelerator for treatment purposes instead of tomography tube, and thanks to its gantry structure, it is a system that can perform 3-dimensional high-level imaging and also 3-dimensional high-level beam treatments as helical. It is a unique system that can perform irradiation by rotating helically without stopping, cross-section scanning and treatment due to its treatment structure and functioning style. “Tomo” literally means “Section” in Greek and Latin and the concept got its name from here. This “cross-sectional treatment” process focuses itself on the tumor in each cross-section range and aims only to irradiate the tumor. This treatment process is compared to making 3-dimensional organ painting in different colors with a very thin pen in many respects. In this way, in the tomotherapy treatment performed with TomoTherapy devices, critical and healthy organs are protected and oncology patients are successfully treated with the help of photon x-rays.