Robotic Surgery

What is da Vinci Robotic Surgery?

Da Vinci, also known as robot-assisted laparoscopy surgery, is the world’s first and only robotic surgery system. da Vinci robotic surgery system; It was developed by researchers working at NASA, engineers specializing in virtual reality and robot technology experts from Stanford University Research Center. This system was created to operate astronauts in space from the surgeon console around the world in case of need for healthcare. After the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started to be used in cardiovascular surgery operations with the approval given in 2000, more than 8 million operations have been carried out to date. This system, which is widely used in the fields of urology, gynecology, general surgery, thoracic surgery and ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat), Over time, it has become a frequently preferred method in Türkiye.

he da Vinci robotic surgery system consists of three parts: the da Vinci robot, the patient console and the surgeon console. The 4 arms carrying the hand tools to be used in the operation

are located in the Robot section. The hand tools at the ends of these arms are inserted into the body through the holes in the skin with a diameter of 0.5-1cm. One of the arms carries a high-resolution camera that gives the image of the operation field to the outside. The surgeon performs the surgery with the other 3 robotic arms.

In the da Vinci system, which works synchronously with the commands given by the surgeon by moving his fingers, the surgeons do the surgery, not robots, as opposed to what is believed. This system, which is considered as the latest point in technology and surgery, facilitates the work of the surgeon and at the same time provides great benefits to the patient.

Use of da Vinci Robotic Surgery Method in Surgery

With da Vinci robotic surgery, different operations can be performed in many areas. Some areas where the latest technological systems are used can be listed as follows:

Urological surgery

Urological surgery is among the areas where the da Vinci system is used the most in Türkiye. With this surgical method, prostate, kidney and bladder cancers, UPJ (urinary tract stenosis from the kidney) surgery, kidney transplantation and adrenal gland tumor surgeries can be performed.

Obesity Surgery

Surgical treatment of obesity is also one of the areas where the da Vinci system is frequently used. This system provides great convenience to the surgeon in cases where there is excess fat tissue in sleeve gastrectomy, gastric by-pass and switch operations.

Gynecological Surgery

The da Vinci robotic surgery method can be used by gynecologists in the surgical treatment of diseases such as uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, chocolate cyst, uterine prolapse, abnormal uterine bleeding.

General Surgery

The da Vinci robotic surgery method is a frequently used surgical method in the field of general surgery. This system, which is a product of advanced technology, is especially used in the treatment of colon and rectum cancers, adrenal gland surgeries and rectal surgery.

Cardiac surgery

The da Vinci robotic surgery system is among the surgical methods used in surgery types such as coronary by-pass, hole in the heart, mitral valve repair or replacement, heart tumor, tricuspid valve repair.

Thoracic Surgery

Lung cancer and thymoma / thymus gland tumor surgeries can be successfully performed with the robotic system.

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and Head and Neck Surgery

The robotic surgery method, which is effectively used in laryngeal, thyroid, pharynx, tongue root, and tonsil cancers, can also be used in the treatment of sleep apnea

Pediatric surgery

The da Vinci robotic surgery method is a system that is frequently preferred in pediatric surgery, thanks to its advantages such as less pain after surgery, shorter hospital stay compared to traditional surgical methods, and faster recovery of patients.

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