Radio Surgical Space Knife

What is CyberKnife ?
CyberKnife is an irradiation system designed to perform radiation therapy on the whole body with a precision below millimeter. Basically, CyberKnife is an advanced linear accelerator placed on robots used in industry. By using radiation beams focal, it enables maximum protection of normal tissues while treating cancerous areas in the brain and body, especially those with problems in access, with high doses of radiation. CyberKnife system monitors and corrects the tumor and patient movements during the treatment, with the Image Guide system and computer-controlled robot technology, thus preventing the surrounding healthy tissues from being damaged.

Which patients is CyberKnife used for?
CyberKnife in the head; It is used in the treatment of benign and malignant brain tumors, metastases, tumors in and around the eye, arteriovenous malformations and some functional diseases. In the body, it can be recommended in the treatment of lung cancers, prostate cancers, head and neck cancer, spinal cord and spine tumors, pancreatic cancers, and liver tumors, which are few in number that cannot be treated with other methods.

How Does CyberKnife Work?
The tumor coordinates obtained from the Computerized Tomography and Magnetic Resonance images taken before the treatment are evaluated instantly with the help of computers and the radiation dose is adjusted.CyberKnife uses an image capture system that determines and tracks the location of the tumor and monitors changes if the tumor is mobile when necessary and changes the patient’s position. While treatment is limited to the tumor, damage to surrounding healthy tissues can be minimized. In this way, it is ensured that the treatment is not affected by the patient’s small movements. No frame needs to be mounted on the skull. With this system, tumors in the lung and liver that are displaced by respiration can be treated sensitively. During treatment, it is not necessary for the patient to hold his breath or breathe regularly.