Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, which is located in Europe’s largest hospital campus, is the largest and modern rehabilitation center of our country with its experienced staff as well as physical facilities. Objective evaluation of human functions and especially the movement system physiology with high rehabilitation technology, which is located in a number of centers in the world, and accurate monitoring of development and improvement are among the privileges of our hospital. 

Our hospital in this state; It is an innovative laboratory not only for the medical community but also for all engineering sciences dealing with human functions. It is among our goals to be an important research and development center in terms of rehabilitation technologies. Our hospital; It is divided into laboratories for diagnosis and treatment goals with the organization of a patient-centered teamwork. Our entire team works devotedly for a single goal in the way of service and science that we set out with the principle of “people first”; To be among the world’s leading centers of excellence in the field of rehabilitation.

Our hospital, which provides services in all areas of interest in rehabilitation, enables our patients to continue their treatment without interruption. Our hospital, which has proven to be an important training center for national and international rehabilitation professionals with its educational staff and facilities from the first day, is also a very attractive center in terms of foreign patients.