Personalized radiation therapy

What is personalized radiation therapy?

Nowadays, the aim of radiotherapy should be to offer “Personalized Radiation Therapies ” with high sensitivity. The fact that the radiation oncology physician has a large number of devices with different features at the treatment planning stage will make it easier for the patient to make the treatment “Personalized”, so that the patient will be able to access the treatment with the most suitable device for him.Our hospitals are established with advanced technology devices such as Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT), Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRC), Intensity Adjusted Radiotherapy (YART), Image Guided Radiotherapy (GKRT), 3D Conformal Brachytherapy (3 BRT) and Respiratory Controlled Radiotherapy techniques.In Turkish Medical City, our our patients receive personalized therapy and / or treatment technique as per the location of their disease. We procide specialized sub divisions such as head and neck polyclinic, gynecology outpatient clinic, lung-sarcoma outpatient clinic, breast-gastrointestinal system outpatient clinic, genito-urinary system outpatient clinic and stereotaxis polyclinic.

Our treatment process

The patient, whose radiotherapy decision is made, is sent to the Computerized Tomography unit in our clinic in order to start the treatment planning process and Computerized Tomography is performed without waiting. Obtained patient images are transferred to the Treatment Planning System. Afterwards, the contouring process is performed by the physician in which the tumor localization and the anatomical borders of the healthy tissues are determined. In accordance with the indication and treatment technique, the dose of radiotherapy to be given to the patient is determined and delivered to the physicist for treatment planning. The physicist prepares the optimum plan that will provide the maximum dose in the tumor suitable for the treatment technique and the least dose of radiation in healthy organs and presents it to the patient’s doctor. After the physician chooses the best treatment plan for the patient, the patient is treated by the radiotherapy technician. This whole process takes between 1 and 3 days.

 The devices available in our clinic to apply these techniques;

Tomoterap of Accuray HD : This device helps us to modify the necessary targeted tumor volume, which reduces the side effects of treatment and increases the success of treatment. It is the device preferred by our clinic’s radiotherapy physicians for its superior success in childhood tumors, head and neck tumors, mesothelioma (lung membrane cancer), prostate cancer, all body irradiation before bone marrow transplantation and medulloblastoma.

Robotic Linear Accelerator Accuray Cyberknife G4: The device, also referred to as a space scalpel, is considered one of the most successful in its class among radiosurgery devices. With our extensive experience in tumors of a certain size, we achieve full success in many benign and malignant tumors. It is the only device that can perform real-time tumor monitoring during treatment. It is widely used in our hospitals especially for brain tumors, early stage lung cancers and adrenal gland tumors.

Linear Accelerator Varian Trilogy: It is our cutting-edge technology treatment device that successfully applies the radiotherapy modality known as IMRT. Respiratory controlled radiotherapy is successfully applied with the RPM system that we have integrated into the device. With this respiratory RPM system, breast cancer and lung cancer are only in certain phases of respiration. In this way, the healthy lung and heart tissue are prevented from overdose and the side effects that may occur in the following years are reduced.
Brachytherapy Nucletron Selectron HDR: It is the highest technology intracavitary treatment device of its class that we apply intrauterine to gynecological tumors such as cervix, endometrium. In the near future, endobronchial and esophageal tumors are planned to be applied in endobronchial and esophageal tumors in lung tumors.
Linear Accelerator Varian Clinac DHX device and Linear Accelerator Siemens Oncor Impression Plus : They are successfully used in the treatment of patients with 3D conformal radiotherapy indication