Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

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We categorize the heart diseases we see in childhood in two main groups as congenital and acquired. Unlike adults, most of the heart diseases seen in childhood. It causes congenital heart diseases. Structural disorders occur in the early stages of pregnancy, when the mother is not even aware that she is pregnant yet, as a result of the normal development of the heart. Often, it cannot be determined what is the factor that disrupts the normal development of the heart. In addition, heredity and chromosomal abnormalities are among the factors that increase the risk of congenital heart disease (eg Down Syndrome). These structural defects in the heart range from a simple problem such as a small “hole” between the chambers to much more complex and severe diseases such as the absence of one or more chambers or valves of the heart. Congenital heart disease affects about 7-8 babies per 1000 live births. 

Approximately half of this number is important diseases that require surgical intervention before the age of one. Rarely, it may occur as an emergency as a result of severe low blood pressure and impaired blood circulation in the baby shortly after birth. In some babies, bruising is the first symptom. In some, on the other hand, in heart disease, frequent breathing, difficulty breathing, not eating well, not gaining weight or weight loss and excessive sweating may be the first symptoms. Except for small heart holes that do not prevent the growth of the patient and / or have the possibility of self-closing, mild and non-progressive vascular stenosis or some problems related to heart valves, the treatment of most important congenital heart diseases is surgery. The surgical procedure to be performed and the aftercare is a very difficult, complicated and meticulous process.

Our Care

Contrary to popular belief, surgical treatment of many congenital heart diseases can be performed successfully and completely in our centers where contemporary congenital heart surgery is performed. Life risk in these surgeries varies between 1% and 5%. World-class pediatric cardiac surgery services are provided in Turkish Medical City. Experienced Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Anesthesia team, surgical treatment of all newborn, infant, child and adult congenital heart diseases are performed by highly experienced physicians in our hospital where the latest technological facilities are used.

What surgeries do we do in our department?

Arterial switch surgeries (TGA surgery)

Norwood surgery (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Surgery)

Ross procedure (in aortic valve patients)

Newborn full correction surgeries (such as Shunt, Pulmonary Band, Coarctation)

Fontan procedure

Ross procedure

Valve repairs (Mitral, Aortic, Pulmonary Valve repairs)

Septal defect repairs (such as ASD, VSD, AV Canal Defect Repair)