Our centers are equipped with the latest equipment and procedures in the field of Mammology. They provide the best treatment and diagnosis for patients suffering from benign and malignant disorders of the breast.

Specialist Work as a Team in Breast Cancer

Health care for breast health is a multi-disciplinary field that requires who are trained in different branches of medicine work side by side. The disciplines are of breast surgery, plastic and reconstructive breast surgery, breast radiology, pathology, post-breast surgery physical therapy, medical oncology and radiation oncology This field of care is often referred to as breast health care. Our specialists help women prevent and treat breast cancer.

3 Out of 4 Breast Was Saved in Patients With Breast Cancer

The procedure for breast saving surgery was first applied in 1992. After 1996, it was followed by sentinel lymph node biopsies.

All techniques are used to save the breast. These include the use of lymph node sampling, lymphoscintigraphy, and segmental mastectomy. It is estimated that in 75% of patients, the breast can be saved.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Procedure is Operated On

While maintaining the basic principles of cancer treatment, it is important that patients have an aesthetically pleasing appearance by provide symmetry with augmentation or reduction.

Sentinel Lymph Node Removal Procedures are Performed in Breast Cancer

If no growth of the axillary lymph nodes is detected during the evaluation of a patient diagnosed with cancer, a procedure requiring experience is used on it. The aim of this operation, called as “guard lymph node biopsy,” is to detect and remove the lymph nodes or glands that the lymph channels from the breast tumor reach first in the armpit, as well as to evaluate them.

Battling With Lymphedema in Breast Cancer

The physical rehabilitation specialist offers relevant program options to decrease shoulder movements after surgery and combat lymphedema developing in the arm.

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