Kartal Dr. Lutfi Kırdar City Hospital

Kartal Dr. Lutfi Kırdar Medical Center in Istanbul is affiliated with the Medical University and is a renowned research center in the field of healthcare.

In addition to training students in medical specialties, Kartal Medical Center provides its services in 50 branches, 16 separate buildings in 5 different districts of Istanbul.

Kartal is an advanced innovative medical institution that offers high-quality services using advanced technologies.

Kartal Training and Research Medical Center provides services not only to Turkish citizens, but also to foreign patients. Basically, Kartal Training and Research Center specializes in the treatment of oncological diseases.

Kartal Center clinics, thanks to their latest methods and technologies, as well as rich accumulated experience, occupy leading positions in the diagnosis and successful treatment of oncological diseases, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, gynecological cancer, prostate cancer, as well as brain tumors. In addition, Stroke Treatment Center and Center for Wounds and Burns are successfully operating within Dr. Lutfi Kırdar Kartal Training and Research Medical Center. It is also worth noting that organ transplants, namely kidney and cornea transplants, are performed at a high success rate in Kartal clinics.

The Kartal Research Medical Center has the following at its disposal:

  •  The total number of hospital beds is 1161
  •  Operating wards – 45
  •  Intensive Care unit – 153 hospital beds
  •  Emergency Medical Care Center
  •  Stroke Treatment Center
  •  Diabetes Center
  •  Cornea Transplantation Center
  •  Kidney Transplantation Center
  •  Center for Wounds and Burns
  •  Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center
  •  Community Mental Health Center
  •  Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Diseases
  •  Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Retina in Premature Infants
  • Obesity Center
  •  Hemodialysis unit – 26 hospital beds
  •  Endoscopy Unit
  •  Physical Therapy Unit
  •  Audiology Unit
  •  Urology Unit
  •  Angiography Unit
  •  Interventional Radiology Unit

Kartal Training and Research Medical Center has the following certificates issued by the Ministry of Health of Turkey: “Baby-friendly hospital”, “Newborn-friendly hospital”, as well as the “Medical Tourism” certificate.

Kartal Medical Center fully complies with the energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design criteria, earning it the title of being the first hospital in the world to be awarded LEED GOLD and EDGE certifications.

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