Intensive Unit Care

Defined as general intensive care clinics, they are clinics that carry out the follow-up and treatment of adult intensive care patients within our hospital. All our beds have 3rd level intensive care standards. Each intensive care bed is planned as separate rooms opening to the common area. 4 of each 16 beds are isolated negative pressure rooms. There is an advanced intensive care monitor and mechanical ventilation device for each bed. Bedside monitors are linked to the central monitor monitoring system. In addition, the electronic patient monitoring system, where all vital data measured from the patient and the treatments applied can be monitored continuously, is actively used in all intensive care beds. In our clinic; All kinds of invasive interventions, percutaneous tracheotomy, advanced cardiac monitoring, cerebral monitoring, ultrasonography-guided diagnostic and interventional procedures, bronchoscopy is applied to the intensive care patient. Dialysis is possible at the bedside of all intensive care beds in our clinic. In addition, continuous hemodiafiltration, ECMO (extracorporeal circulation for severe lung failure) and therapeutic hypothermia can be applied.

Our intensive care nurses work on a 24/7 basis in close follow-up and treatment of up to 2 patients in accordance with world standards. Apart from clinical education staff, an intensive care specialist and an assistant doctor work in the follow-up and treatment of the patients. Patient admissions to our clinic are from in-hospital clinics, postoperatively from the operating room, emergency medicine clinic and external centers. Our constant consultation practice continues with all these clinics in the daily routine of our clinic.