Huntington Disease

Our Department

Huntington’s Disease is a genetically transmitted disease that typically begins at the age of 30-50, affecting movement, behavior, and recall, in which nerve cells in the brain are destroyed over time. Patients mostly apply with involuntary movements. If one of the parents has an abnormal gene, the probability of the child being sick is 50%. In our outpatient clinic, patients and their relatives are followed up, gene tests are performed after genetic counseling, and our patients are approached in a multidisciplinary manner with our psychiatrists.

Traditional & Complementary Medicine

Traditional and complementary medicine, based on the beliefs and theories of different cultures, are all knowledge, skills and practices used for the maintenance of health, such as protection from physical and mental diseases, diagnosing and treating diseases. In our hospital, these applications are carried out in cooperation with the relevant branch. It has been established in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital due to the fact that most of the indications are musculoskeletal system symptoms and their close relationship. They are methods that are applied as a complement to modern medicine and have scientific bases to ensure the balance between the general energy, autonomic and hormonal systems of the person and to strengthen the immune system. Traditional and complementary medicine methods have an important place in the treatment and protection of chronic diseases and protecting the health of the person.

Treatments within the scope of GETAT :

1- Acupuncture
2- Leech Application
3- Mesotherapy
4- Cup Application
5- Phytotherapy Application
6- Reflexology Application
7- Homeopathy Practice
8- Osteopathy Practice
9- Ozone Application
11- Prolotherapy Application
12- Music Therapy Practice