World’s least radiation Computed Tomography (CT) System

The new generation Force Computed Tomography system allows coronary CT Angiography to be performed without the use of a heartbeat-independent beta-blocker thanks to the return of double tube double detector technology and completing a full turn in 0.25 seconds

The FAST 3D Camera, a first in the world, detects the patient’s location in 3 dimensions with an infrared light source. In this way, the system automatically positions the patient on the patient table, independent of the user. With this feature, which only belongs to FAST technology, patients are not exposed to overdose that may occur due to incorrect positioning with respect to the center of gravity.

Force CT, the only kidney-friendly computed tomography system in the world, allows imaging with the use of trace amounts of contrast material thanks to its Turbo Flash mode and high generator power thus, patients with chronic kidney disease or diabetes patients with contrast agent sensitivity can be easily examined. With its 78 cm wide gantry opening, it creates a comfortable space for patients with claustrophobia, the system automatically adjusts organ-specific voltage according to the body mass index of the patient, allowing ultra-low-dose capture. With the Force CT system, especially for oncology patients, thanks to the Tin Filter and Dual Energy technologies in the system, air and soft tissue separation and tissue characterization are provided at the highest level. Thus, the chance of diagnosing anomalies that can be seen in the early stages increases.