Exceptional Health Care

What is it ?

Compassion and kindness produce better health care outcomes, patients heal faster and they feel less pain and anxiety. That is why compassionate patient care based on the best science available comes first in Turkish Medical City hospitals. We make sure that compassion is central to the care we provide and we respond with humanity and kindness to each person’s pain, distress or need.

How it works ?

We recognize safe care as a fundamental principle of high-quality health care. This is why we continuously assess and measure key patient metrics to take preventive action and implement systematic measures to reduce risks to all individuals at all levels of health service. We involve both medical and non-medical staff in relevant decision-making processes, we vigorously train our staff and conduct frequent organizational performance assessments in order to promote compliance with safe care protocols that meets and exceeds international standards.

Why we do it?

Our patient centred health care approach that is respectful and responsive to your preferences, needs, and values will be delivered to you in the most timely manner to ensure high quality and effective care. With us, you will be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. With us you will receive fair care that does not vary in quality according to your gender, income or ethnicity. With us, you will receive well co-ordinated, efficient and superior health care for all of your common and complex medical conditions.