Cardiac surgery

Our Department

Nation’s most experienced surgeons serve our patients 7/24 in Turkey’s largest cardiovascular surgery hospitals, under the roof of Turkish Medical City. All procedures can be performed safely in our hospitals with a high success rate, which includes all types of coronary bypass surgery for coronary artery disease, metallic-bioprosthetic valve surgeries with both small incisions and standard interventions for valve diseases, valve repairs, open surgery and endovascular (EVAR-TEVAR) procedures for aortic aneurysm and other aortic pathologies, patients with heart failure In the field of cardiovascular surgery, such as mechanical support devices (ECMO, LVAD) and heart transplantation, chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension surgery, all kinds of congenital heart disease surgery, open and closed varicose surgery, open and closed vascular diseases interventions and fistula opening.

Pioneering Approach

Our knowledge and experience include open heart surgeries that are required for the second and third time and complex surgeries where multiple diseases need to be treated at the same time; at world standards.Developments in our field in the world are constantly monitored and technological developments and changes are rapidly implemented. Many of our professors have active roles in national and international scientific journals and societies in our clinic.

Our Care

Our hospital is Turkey’s largest and it is one of the world’s leading cardiovascular hospitals. Our patients receive world class care in our hospitals and they are treated in single or double modern and equipped rooms.