Antalya Training and Research Hospital

Antalya Training and Research Hospital was founded in 2008.

The hospital became one of the best in the Antalya region thanks to its contemporary technology, comfortable and safe wards, and skilled medical personnel.

At the hospital, there are:

  • 4339 personnel.
  • 1270 hospital beds.
  • 158 beds in the intensive care unit.
  • 33 operating rooms.

Antalya Training and Research Hospital is located in the city center, 17 km from the airport, 1 km from the renowned Konyaalti beach, 3 kilometers from the old town (historical center) and 15 km from Lara Beach.
Support is provided in German, Arabic, English and Russian languages in order to serve foreign patients on a 7/24 basis.

Specialized Departments:

  •  Acupuncture
  •  Algology
  •  Hemodialysis
  •  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  •  Pediatric immunology and allergic diseases
  •  Pediatric nephrology
  •  Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit
  •  Peritoneal Dialysis
  •  Stem Cell Transplantation Unit
  •  Perinatology
  •  Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  •  Fundus Fluorescence Angiography
  •  Center for Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases
  •  Organ Transplantation Center
  •  In Vitro fertilization (IVF)

Information For Visitors:

  •  Patients can be visited daily between 2 – 3 p.m. and 7 – 8 p.m.
  •  Visits to the intensive care unit and the bone marrow transplantation department (BMT) are not permitted.
  •  We advise avoiding bringing little children since a child’s psychological perception of the hospital environment may be challenging.
  •  Please do not bring food or drinks with you to ensure the safety and health of our patients.
  •  If you have any signs of a respiratory or infectious condition, you should postpone your visit.
  •  It is restricted to bring fresh flowers to the hospital in order to preserve from infections.
  •  Please do not use mobile phones in rooms with medical equipment.
  •  Smoking is prohibited inside the hospital and on fire escapes.

Thank you for following the hospital rules.

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