Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital provides high-quality, world-class medical services to foreign patients by relying on accumulated experience, cutting-edge medical technology, and modern materials and technical equipment.

Ankara City Hospital performs various surgical operations of high complexity, including bone marrow, liver and kidney transplantation.

Ankara City Hospital is the largest multifunctional hospital complex in Europe.

The total enclosed area is 1,137,399 sq. m.

The total number of beds at the hospital is 4044.

Center for Radiological and Nuclear Medicine

The radiotherapy center is the largest in Europe.

Hospital of Cardiovascular Diseases – 556 hospital beds

Hospital of Neurology and Orthopedics – 578 hospital beds

Hospital of Pediatrics – 604 hospital beds

Perinatal center – 542 hospital beds

Oncology hospital – 588 hospital beds

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center – 300 hospital beds

High-security Forensic Psychiatry Center – 100 hospital beds

Polyclinic – 661 offices

Emergency department – 34.354 sq. m.

Heliport – 2

Single rooms – 1635

Double rooms – 760

Intensive care service – 964 hospital beds

Operating ward – 131

Blood Transfusion Center

The Central laboratory is the largest in Turkey.

Digital preparation center for chemotherapy drugs

State-of-the-art sterilization department

The data center is the largest and most secure in the field of healthcare.

High-tech patient verification system

Surveillance station – 3320 video cameras

Monitoring and Management Center

Kitchen – 5000 sq. m. – capable of serving 36,000 people a day.

Laundry – 1600 sq. m. – capacity to wash up to 15 tons of laundry per day.

Closed parking lot –6193 parking spaces

Patient Assistance Service

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