Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery is shaping and reconstruction surgery. In other words, the correction of all kinds of physical disorders, congenital or acquired, is within the scope of this surgery. Some of the diagnosed and treated conditions are;

  • facial deformities – asymmetries,
  • congenital masses,
  • rare facial clefts,
  • cleft lip and palate,
  • craniofacial – maxillofacial anomalies (e.g. jaw, facial and skull deformities, irregularities, deficiencies),
  • orthognathic surgery (Jaw closure disorders),
  • absence of auricle,
  • prominent ear and other deformities,
  • nasal defects,
  • tumors,
  • ruptures,
  • salivary gland problems,
  • congenital tumor,
  • nevus,
  • masses,
  • vascular malformations,
  • hemangiomas,
  • bone and soft tissue trauma of the face,
  • maxillofacial surgery (Bone defects-fractures-shape and function disorders caused by traffic accident, tumor and other reasons),
  • head and neck tumors and repair of their defects,
  • absence,
  • asymmetry or excess breast tissue,
  • breast reconstruction after cancer,
  • gynecomastia (Big breast in men),
  • congenital anomalies of the genital organs (Epispadias, hypospadias, vaginal agenesis etc.),
  • repairs of genital organs,
  • replantation of ruptured organs,
  • chest and abdominal wall defects,
  • hand Surgery (Traumas, tumors, finger transfers, finger repair-lengthening etc.),
  • deficiencies and deformities in hand and foot,
  • peripheral nerve problems (traumas, neuropathies, defects, masses),
  • skin and soft tissue tumors,
  • acute burn and post-burn deformities,
  • contractions,
  • damages caused by electricity and chemicals in soft tissues,
  • skin and subcutaneous wounds caused by various infections,
  • radiation and other effects chronic wounds (pressure sores, venous wounds, diabetic foot wounds)
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