Advantages Of Our Size

What is it ?

Turkish Medical Cities are nation’s largest, most comprehensive and advanced health care system, with a capacity of providing patient centered, compassionate and superior healthcare to 300,000 patients on a daily basis. This sheer size drives huge cost saving advantages that benefits patients through lower costs, better health outcomes and greater access to care and innovation.

How it works ?

We achieve systematically reduced costs thanks to our buying power, clinically and administratively standardized procedures, seamlessly integrated healthcare systems, lean operating model, balanced & centralised control process that translates as higher-quality care at lower costs.

Why we do it?

Our size not only provides cost benefits to our patients but also helps them with excellent conveniences such as seamless organisation of their health care journey thanks to our ability of leveraging Turkish Ministry of Health’s relationships with foreign embassies, Ministries of Health and international customs & border protection agencies.