About Us


Introduces all our Public hospitals to the world as “Turkish Medical City”.

In order to present our high quality, reliable and accessible health system in our country to international patients, who want to visit Turkey for treatment. We give service under Turkish Medical City brand name with the assurance of USHAŞ.

As USHAŞ, we aim to achieve many firsts and successes in the field of health all around the world. We will continue our health tourism activities to ensure that the Turkish healthcare system is set as an example globally. Most impor­tantly, to heal all patients who travel to our country for better healthcare.


As a sub-brand of USHAS, the relevant institution of the Ministry of Health, it provides services to foreign patients following international standards. Turkish Medical City is Turkey’s largest, most comprehensive, and advanced health care system, providing patient-centered, compassionate, and superior healthcare for local and international patients. The city is an exceptional collaboration that combines the comprehensiveness of public healthcare with the service expertise of the private sector. This unique model helps us deliver excellent healthcare outcomes to our patients inexpensively while establishing outstanding healthcare as a standard for everyone.


We truly understand that a better patient experience can accelerate the patient care cycle. A comforting, stressfree, coordinated service in a pleasant, calm environment helps a lot on the road to recovery. Compassion and kindness produce better health care outcomes, patients heal faster and they feel less pain and anxiety. That is why compassionate patient care based on the best scientific developments available comes first in Turkish Medical City.


The nation’s leading, respected and world-renowned doctors and talented healthcare professionals are handpicked to work in Turkish Medical Cities. Our sought-after doctors and experienced health care professionals are working at all hours of the day to deliver excellent health care outcomes for all medical conditions from common to complex with a respectful, helpful and reliable approach. At the same time, it has an affiliation with the Turkish Health Sciences University, which has all the necessary education and research environment to provide advanced, result-oriented and quality service in the field of health in city hospitals where health services are available. The Turkish Health System and Service are gathered under one roof for our patients through City Hospitals, which cooperate with universities providing education in the field of health. As a Turkish Medical City, we offer a superior healthcare service focused on patient and treatment.