Radiological imaging methods have an important place in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Magnetic Resonance (MRI) imaging applications, which is a cross-sectional examination of any part of the body, called a giant magnet, are also being renewed day by day with the help of developing technology. 3 Tesla MRI technology has come to the fore in recent years with its patient comfort being at the forefront, quality, and reliable results. Imaging methods are of great importance, especially in terms of making the correct diagnosis and transitioning to appropriate treatment planning. Therefore, one of the most preferred methods is MRI. In recent years, the tendency to use devices with higher magnetic field strength, which provides both ease of use and advantage for patients and physicians, has increased. If the device used in imaging is 3 Tesla MRI, more signals can be collected from the tissue. Since the device collects data from 64 channels, it is especially important in brain and musculoskeletal diseases thanks to its faster and more data collection compared to similar ones. This provides the advantage of both making examinations in a shorter time and converting the obtained data to an image with high resolution.