Turkey's largest, most comprehensive and advanced health care system

Providing patient centered, compassionate and superior healthcare for local and international patients.

Superior healthcare for all medical conditions, from common to complex.

Turkish Ministry of Health built brand new medical cities with nation’s leading doctor’s, latest technology equipment’s and comfortable facilities to offer high quality health care, that is safe, compassionate and affordable for all.

Our Difference

How do we deliver comprehensive, lower priced
and high-quality treatments.

Exceptional Health Care

Evidence-based safe patient care comes first in our hospitals. Our responsive staff are trained to deliver high-quality, appropriate and timely care.

All under one roof

Turkish Medical Cities were built to combine the best the country has to offer, all in one centralized place, ultimately offering better and faster health care.

Immense Medical Experience

Nation’s leading, respected and world-renowned doctors are working together to deliver the right treatment and care for your condition.

Highly Advanced Technology

State of the art medical devices, latest technology and solid infrastructure are put together for better diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Advantages Of Our Size

Cost saving advantages driven by our sheer size is benefiting patients through lower costs, better outcomes and greater access to care and innovation.

Unique Operation Model

A public private partnership, leveraging the comprehensive public health system with private sector expertise to ensure high quality of service.